Stratos Wealth Partners Offers Access to Financial Institution Services

Stratos Wealth Partners developed their financial institution services arm to serve a growing need among bank, credit union and similar financial institutions seeking to provide their customers with access to objective, independent advice through highly experienced financial advisors.

Our financial institution services arm focuses exclusively on the distribution of non-deposit financial products and services within financial institutions. We have financial consultants and advisors available to address the needs of financial institutions seeking to grow their client base while achieving important revenue goals through:

  • Providing experienced program leadership and the human capital you require for the custom design, development, implementation and delivery of your unique program
  • Building a high-functioning platform for the delivery of services and advice
  • Driving operating efficiencies for the financial institution and affiliated advisors
  • Helping the program and affiliated advisors grow the financial institution’s non-deposit business
  • Coaching, mentoring and assisting advisors in delivering a positive service experience to the end-client that reflects your brand and your organization’s values

How Can Stratos Wealth Partners Benefit Your Financial Institution?

  • The program helps to create an additional revenue source for your financial institution.  Investment revenue can be a significant contributor to non-interest income.
  • Retain client assets. If you’re not able to satisfy the full range of client needs, they may take their money (and the relationship) elsewhere.
  • Attract and retain a greater number of affluent clients with more complex wealth management needs.
  • Programs like this are designed to create satisfied clients whose needs are being met and who will potentially consolidate assets, bringing more money to the Financial Institution.
  • Busy clients seek the ease of “one stop” for all their financial needs.
  • Your clients gain access to experienced financial advisors providing objective advice who are affiliated with an organization they already know and trust—your financial institution.
  • Comprehensive client profiling leads to advisor recommendations for both short- and long-term client objectives. Most short-term goals can be effectively implemented through existing Financial Institution products while long term goals may be addressed with investment options offering greater growth potential and/or tax advantages.
  • Your organization becomes a true financial center, serving a broader range of needs for both individuals and businesses in your community.


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We have financial consultants and advisors available to address the needs of financial institutions seeking to grow their client base while achieving important revenue goals…

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